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This is Dive Centre Resources, a free resource for owners of recreational diving centres or other activity based centres, which aims to provide hints, tips, ideas and information to help you build a profitable dive centre where you can spend your time doing the things that you want to.

Most scuba diving sites are aimed at the divers themselves, but this is the first website to be aimed at the core element of the diving market, the dive centres and their managers. The aim of the site is to provide a single location where managers and owners can exchange tips, communicate in the forum, or find specialist suppliers for their business, including suppliers of tools, services, support or spare parts.

At present, this website is being developed and tested

We invite you to try some of the links, but please ignore the extras we still need to develop or remove. You can now contact us using the contact form if you want to know more about us. We are planning to launch the website formally in early 2010

This website holds lots of resources to help you build your business. These are organised by areas such as sales and marketing, finance, and equipment maintenance. Every dive centre is different, and one of the keys to success is taking those differences and actively building on them, making your business unique, distinguished. Most of the resources come from developing and growing our Gran Canaria Diving Centre from a minor player to one of the most respected dive centres on the Island.

Main Resources

Join our Forum and Share Ideas

Somebody told me once as they announced a brand new product, that 'Nobody has a monopoly on good ideas'. So here is your chance to both share your ideas about running a sucessful dive centre, and to benefit from the wisdom of others. You can register for the forum free of charge and then take part in any of the online discussions. You may know the answer to somebody else's question - such as where to get Silicon Grease in Spain or Mares spares in Mauritius.

Here to Help

We are also here to help. If you want a more personalised answer, or to use a specific marketing tool such as e-mail database marketing, You can contact us for help or information about marketing your dive centre, or building web systems which win business for your dive centre.