Marketing Products and Services for Dive Centres

If you want to be one of the leading players in your market sector, then you need to market yourself effectively. Dive Centre Marketing.Com offer several different consultancy, programming and other services and products to help dive centres improve their position in the their local market.

  • SEO Services help attract more visitors to your website
  • Scuba Widgets and content help you build a website which makes divers want to dive with you
  • Closing and booking tools to help you get the business
  • Consultancy and support to convert your business into a dominant player.

SEO for diving centres

If part of your marketing plan is to attract new customers via your website, then Search Engine Optimisation is a must. Published statistics show that the first entry in search engine results page gets an overwhelmingly unequal share of the clicks. Put simply, if you are number one, you will get more business than anyone else from the web, and if you are not trying to be number one, then somebody else will beat you to it.

If your website was not optimised from the start, then don't expect to get much business from it.

We offer consultancy and SEO services to help get dive centres to the top of the search results, so that your enquiry rate improves.

For more information on this strategy use the contact form to request a discussion on this subject.

Scuba Widgets for Dive Centre websites

You have managed to get somebody to look at your website .. but what is there on your website to attract the customer to you; what will convince him that you can give him or her the dive experience they really want.

We have a range of tools, toys and gadgets which can be fitted to existing websites, to give the website an edge. You can add 'static' gadgets such as photo galleries, guestbooks, a simple text blog; or more dynamic gadgets such as latest conditions, weather forecasts, student of the week or much more. For more information on this strategy use the contact form to request a discussion on this subject.

Closing and Booking Tools

You have got the enquiry, but how can you make sure that the customers signs with you, rather than the dive centre further down the street? In this area there can be considerable scope to put in place relatively simple steps to achieve an excellent conversion rate. It is clear from many of the comments we get from divers that many dive centres fail at this stage. No matter how good your web site is, if you cannot close an unequal share of the enquiries you get, then your closing systems are not working.

If you are getting plenty of enquiries but not converting them, then we can look at the reasons and provide advice and support to help you change to a much more effective conversion rate. If your conversion rate is anywhere below 60% then you are doing something wrong. If you don't know what your conversion rate is, then we can set up tracking tools to help you get a better handle on your conversions. For more information on this strategy use the contact form to request a discussion on this subject.

Becoming a Dominant player

In any small market, there are great advantages to becoming the 'Dominant Player'. This does not nessecarily mean that you are the biggest, but you will probably become the most profitable. The Dominant Player in any sector has more influence on pricing; will be approached more frequently by press and local government, and will tend to be the first to be offered any special or group training opportunities.

However, it is not simply possible to become the dominant player overnight. To achieve this sort of status you will need to work on various parts of your marketing mix - publicity, web, premises, community, existing customers and the networking they do, relations with your suppliers etc.

If you want to become the dominant player in your market, then we can help by identifying the areas where you need to dominate, and produce action plans to move you forward towards the goal. Remember also that if you do not try to become the dominant player, then one of your competitors will!. For more information on this strategy use the contact form to request a discussion on this subject.

More information

For more information on any of the products or services above, please contact us using the contact form, giving as much information about what you want to achieve as possible.